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A very sexy Filipino wife and mom

“Are you excited to see me?” 48-year-old Krystal Davis says at the start of this video. “Do you like what I’m wearing?”

We do. Krystal is wearing sexy, matching bra and panties that show off her big tits, stockings, a garter and heels, but we like her even better when the bra and panties come off. She plays with her tits, spreads her ass so you can get a good view then fucks her pussy with a big toy, legs spread very wide. After she’s cum good and hard, she sucks her pussy juices off the toy.

It’s a hot debut by this Filipino wife and mom, and things are going to get hotter later this week, when Mrs. Davis fucks for our viewing pleasure

Krystal now lives in Las Vegas. We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Yes. In my previous career, I was an executive and a teacher and normally conservative.”

She’s not conservative here. Not at all.

40Something: Do you masturbate?

Krystal: Yes. I fuck a lot, but at the end of the day, I still have one or two cums left in me, so I use my favorite bullet vibrator to get me there. I call it my best friend.

40Something: What are your sexual fantasies?

Krystal: I want to be tied up and fucked by multiple men while blindfolded, not knowing who’s who.

40Something: What was your wildest sexual encounter?

Krystal: A gloryhole. There’s something about having 11 cocks and swallowing their cum and not knowing whose it is.