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Ashley Gets Wet

“I tend to wear comfy clothes when I’m home. But I also like to walk around naked most of the time when I don’t have to get dressed.” That’s what Ashley said back home near Manchester. One of the many joys of shower videos is the girls don’t need to start off in clothes.

Ashley Sage Ellison hits the showers in this scene from the movie Ashley’s First Time. A TSG editor was on-set that day at the swanky house in St. Maarten to interview Ashley between scenes. He was the envy of every male employee at The SCORE Group.

“She’s the tenderhearted, sweeter-than-sugar girl we always wanted to have when we were younger, the girl we fantasized about,” wrote JD. “Soon, Ashley and our staff file into one of the villa’s many bathrooms for the shower scene. In this moment, it’s apparent why Ashley has that extra something that is going to transform her into a superstar. Her hands move slowly over her body, rubbing soapy water as it runs over her breasts, through her cleavage, down her belly and over her pussy. She turns her back to the camera and rubs her delicious ass. For a moment, all an observer can think of is being in bed alone with this beautiful creature.”