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Between The Boobs & Lips of Anastasia Doll

Anastasia Doll greets Stanley Johnson who comes bearing a large pink rose. It’s been a while since they got together and he fucked her huge tits. You can’t get enough of a good thing, and now Anastasia is going to give Stanley a blow job in addition to offering her big boobs to him again for his boner.

While he sits on her couch, Anastasia straddles his lap, lowers the top of her dress and covers his face with her naked breasts. He motorboats her and she pummels his face. Anastasia slaps her tits and spits on them. She then slips off her tight dress, a teasing look in her eyes. Her slim and stacked figure looks incredible.

Stanley fondles Anastasia’s naked body, slapping her ass and kissing her on the lips. He buries his face between her boobs and it looks like it would take a crowbar to pry his head out from her cleavage.

A wild man at this point, Stanley pulls his pants down and hands Anastasia his boner. She tugs on it and sits on a coffee table so he can wedge his dick between her tits. Stanley fucks Anastasia’s tits very hard and fast. She gets up and sits on her couch to suck his dick while she rubs her gorgeous pussy.

Anastasia and Stanley alternate between blow job and tit-fucking. When we heard that Anastasia was going to suck his cock in addition to tit-play and tit-fucking, we imagined how her sexy lips would look wrapped around a cock. Anastasia is just as hot as we imagined she would be.