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Blissful Bathing With Joana Bliss

In our world, every bathroom would come with a girl like Joana Bliss. Not possible, of course, but we do have Joana cumming in a bathroom in this scene.

Joana came in a bathroom several times before. She’s very skilled with a hand-held shower head. We once mentioned that Joana turns the bathroom into her personal spa in her videos. Cleopatra bathed in milk. Our Romanian Cleopatra is ecologically-aware and would consider that a waste of food.

Miss Bliss says that if she could take a holiday anywhere in the world, it would be Bora Bora. It looks like her kind of exotic location. She said she laughs the hardest when she hears a stupid joke.

Being honest is the best way to stand out with her. She enjoys getting compliments but they have to be sincere. Something we didn’t know until recently is that Joana’s clairvoyant.