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Cum For Maggie Green

A Maggie Green Special from

The all-American blonde beauty-next-door. Blessed with natural big boobs and a gorgeous, slim body. A girl who used to earn college funds by easily winning wet T-shirt contests. In the beginning, Maggie specialized in wearing sexy sports outfits. Then she began posing topless. Maggie took her time making her choices and did the traditional progression from solos to hardcore over a span of years, a tradition that’s not so traditional anymore in this hyper-speed world.

“I’ve watched a lot of porn,” said Maggie Green. “I was a big fan of Jenna Jameson. Still am. I always thought porn was hot and I was always curious, like…’What would that be like?’ And then I did my first girl-girl scene. (With Daphne Rosen in Boob Science.) I liked that. I like girls. And I like cock much more than I like girls, and you get older and you don’t want to wait too long before you try something, and I’m the kind of person who doesn’t regret stuff when I do it. I regret when I don’t try something I’m curious about.

“Guys are always telling me I have good dick-sucking lips. I have a really long tongue, too. Did you guys ever notice that? I love spitting on the cock and playing with it and shoving it down my throat. It’s fun. It really is fuckin’ fun. Blow jobs are better for me on my knees because if I bend over for too long, it hurts my back. The guy can be sitting down or standing up. Sometimes it’s hot if he can stand over me and fuck my face. I like face-fucking.”

Seeing Maggie getting face-fucked and riding the pole? She’s fulfilled the fantasy of many tit-men. Will she continue doing hardcore? Only time will tell.