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Daisy gets her ass pipe massaged

So this is what happens when you go to a massage parlor. Well, it’s what happens when the masseuse is Daisy Deseo, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from the Czech Republic. Talk about a happy ending! Here, Daisy gives Tom a happy beginning, middle and ending. And as a special bonus, she has him massage her ass pipe with his hard cock, and to increase her pleasure, she rubs her clit while he’s fucking her ass.

Daisy’s favorite TV show: The Big Bang Theory. Now if that’s not a straight line, we don’t know what is!

How a man attracts her attention: “Through gallantry and sincerity.”

What’s sexy to her: “BDSM.”

Sexual fantasies: “50 Shades of Gray.”

You’ll have to draw your own conclusions from that.