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Driving Nikki Cars

Nikki Cars is great looking with nice, big, suckable, firm tits and a big, squeezable, slappable ass. Here at XLGirls, Nikki does not need to wear bulky sweatshirts like she used to back in school. Nikki’s stud Tony runs his hands all over her huge chest as they share couch space. He puts her hand on his junk so she can feel the cock she will be taking in her mouth. He unhooks Nikki’s halter top and pulls it down to expose her massive hooters so he can suck and motorboat them.

Wasting no time, Tony drops his pants so Nikki can get to surrounding his hard-on with her lips, sucking slowly and erotically. Totally naked and barefoot, Nikki gets on her back and he plunges his horn into her waiting slit. Nikki lets out a moan at this first penetration, the first of many impalements to come. She rubs her clit while Tony varies the speed and depth of his pussy-pounding as they fuck missionary style. Her right leg over his left shoulder, he leans forward for deeper drilling into her wetting cunt.

Slapping sounds fill the room. Tony alternates his fucking techniques, positions and ramming speed–fast, slow, fast, slow–to ensure that Nikki gets the good hard screwing, the pussy pleasure and the happy ending she deserves. Nikki said that at home she does watch the videos she’s in but hasn’t fucked while she is watching any of them.