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Fantasy Fuck

In this scene, we have to question whose fantasy is being fulfilled. Is it Chloe’s? She gets to bang a well-hung pro baseball player. Or is it the injured athlete, who gets to fuck a hot, tight, young piece of ass like Chloe? On second thought, who cares, as long as your fantasy is fulfilled. And we think Chloe’s tiny tits, eager cock slurping and slippery pussy will do the trick. She may be tiny, but she loves the pounding this big dick gives her. Her brows furrow as this baseball stud rhythmically drills her pussy and rubs her clit. He shoves his cunny-soaked fingers in her mouth so she can taste just how horny she is. Her pussy is glistening with wetness, and soon her face is too as a huge wad is unloaded all over her pretty mouth.