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Got Wood? Holly Wood Comes To Give You Wood

Sunny blonde Holly Wood is here to give you a new guided tour of her bombshell body, huge tits and big ass. Holly’s already down to her sexy bra and thong panties when her video begins. A lot of guys have dreamed of being a SCORE photographer. We’ll warn you that with girls like this taking off their clothes a few feet away and sticking their tits out, you’ve got to be made of tough stuff to not get wood.

“I dress to show off, especially here in Miami,” Holly said. “It’s always hot year-round, so why wouldn’t I show them off? Now, back on the West Coast, it’s a little colder, so unfortunately, I can’t get away with it, but when summer rolls around, I’m going to be hopping again because I love it.”

SCORELAND: Holly, what makes you laugh?

Holly Wood: Stand-up comedy and my ultra-corny jokes. I’m a nerd at times and really crack myself up.

SCORELAND: What’s the best part of being Holly?

Holly Wood: Being adored and spoiled. Chivalry is important. It’s amazing feeling wanted and having so much support for being myself.