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Happy 40th birthday, Di!

Some women celebrate their birthdays by going out to dinner, spending time with family and friends, maybe going on a little vacation. Some women celebrate their 40th birthdays in a state of depression, thinking their best years are behind them and they’ve turned the corner to getting old. Of course, here at, we know better. We know women are just getting started. They’re entering the peak of their sexuality.

Di Devi, who was born in Belarus and now lives in Prague, celebrated her 40th birthday by coming to our studio, taking off her clothes and fucking her pussy with a big toy for her pleasure and your viewing pleasure. That’s what you’re going to see today. And later in the day, she got a young stud’s cock as a birthday present. You’ll see that in a few days.

So happy birthday, Di! We’re glad you decided to celebrate your b’day with us.

Di is married and has children (they’re twins). She’s a college student who’s studying history. She isn’t a swinger or a nudist.

“I’m very conservative,” she said.

We’ll see about that!