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Katie Rose & Her Student Body

A fine body Katie Rose has.

It’s real easy to picture this rosy-cheeked blonde beauty walking across the campus in her tight, little co-ed miniskirt, garters, stockings and blouse and black high-heel pumps. If we managed a university, Katie’s outfit would be the mandatory dress code.

After hitting a few notes on her piano, Katie does a striptease, showing off her heavy naturals stuffed in her bra. A trained dancer, she seductively takes off her blouse and bra and leans over the piano so her large tits dangle. Taking a large length of plastic, she spanks her pale ass cheeks, making them a bright red.

Stripping down to her thong panties and stockings, Katie dances, swings and rubs her suckable breasts, brings a nipple to her lips and gyrates her beautiful body. There’s a bunk bed in the hot student dorm room she lives in. Katie climbs the ladder to the top bunk and slips off her panties. She did say she likes to be on top. On her hands and knees, Katie moves like she’s being fucked from behind.

After blowing a kiss, Katie is ready for bed.