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Katie Rose in Full Bloom

Wearing a tank top, shorts and black pumps, Katie Rose is busy cleaning her living room. That doesn’t last long. Katie is a model but she’s also a performance artist and a trained dancer. She doesn’t stand and wait for posing instructions from a photographer. Graceful and flexible, Katie moves all over the room, rolling around on the floor and the sofa, dancing, swiveling and gyrating.

Katie goes to her fitness club nearly every day. She trains in different styles of dance. Developing early, Katie didn’t let her growing boobs get in the way of her dancing and flexibility training. Her large breasts are an asset to her, not a hindrance. She has a beautiful face, and having big tits is a bonus.

“Girls pay doctors money to have what I have and mine are a gift from nature. It is okay if I have to spend more time shopping for blouses and bras that fit my breasts and look pretty. I love the attention I get. I am a lucky girl and I appreciate my body.”