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Katy Ann’s Bikini Bust-Out At SCORE

There are bikini girls and there are bikini girls. And then there’s Katy Ann who is in a bikini league of her own.

We see Katy Ann’s feet first as she steps in the room. The camera pans up her gorgeous body and face. “Today, in this special video, I’m going to be trying on some bikinis here near the beach at SCORE. It’s only right that I have some bikinis,” Katy Ann says.

“With my super-high, slutty stripper heels. You know these are really in style. They’re not really meant for everyday girls, just for us big-titty, topless, busty girls.”

Katy Ann’s wearing a one-piece, black, low-cut swimsuit, laced in the front and back. “Do you think this one would get attention at the beach?” Katy Ann checks herself out in the mirror and asks what we think of the side-boob view. “I have side-boob, I have front boob, I have boob coming out in all different directions. Lots of boob. ”

Katy Ann loosens the suit’s back laces and slips it down over her body, feeling up her big tits. She teases us for a seconds when she turns and slowly peels it down over her firm butt cheeks.

Her next suit is a tan bikini. Katy hangs the bikini top on her breast while she slips on the bottom. This technique must be convenient when Katy Ann is in a store’s dressing room.

Katy Ann’s final two suits are extreme bikinis that look killer on her statuesque figure. With her bikini tryouts wrapped up, Katy Ann gets us off by giving herself a pussy spanking, spreading her lips and deep-fingering her pretty pink taco. She cums hard and loud. “Sometimes bikinis get me really excited,” says Katy Ann, who has the perfect bikini body for any season, any place.