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Laura Tithapia: The XLGirls Connection

Her hair in a pigtail, XLGirl Laura Tithapia and Tom Holland are having a lipsmackin’ kissing session as this video begins. Tom was the first guy Laura fucked at XLGirls and returned to enjoy her plush body and giant, juicy boobs a second time. This is their third connection, and by now they’re bosom buddies.

Laura loves big dicks, and if it’s thick, even better. She has said this before, and she loves to lick and feel the balls. Laura lies back so Tom can kiss her nipples and squeeze her soft jugs, finger and lick her pussy and fuck her mouth and tits. Laura wants more dick in her mouth. She can never get enough. Tom leans back so Laura can lower her mouth over him, her boobs resting on his thigh, and get as much cock down her throat as she can. Her deep-throating skills have gotten hotter and hotter since she debuted at XLGirls and she can get down to the root now. Tom holds her head and pushes it down so his dick can get deeper in her throat.

Laura gets her high-heeled feet straight up in the air as Tom fills her pussy with cock and fucks her hard, pushing her thighs with his hands to keep her in that position. He spreads her legs apart and continues his pussy-stretching drilling. Laura holds her tits together with one hand and rubs her clit fast with the other. Her facial expressions reveal how his pounding her in different positions is making her feel. If they could fuck like this all day, they would.