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Mary Brown Is Feeling Herself Tonight

Mary Brown is a man-magnet, proof again that the rail-thin “fashion model” look is not as big a deal as television, magazines and internet websites make it out to be. It’s also proof that well-padded, thick and fleshy girls like Mary are much more popular and lusted after than the average person realizes.

Needless to say, Mary attracts a lot of potential suitors, like-to-be boyfriends and would-be pick-up artists. “One guy said to me, ‘Girl, you dropped something. My jaw,'” Mary relayed to us. Not the most charm-filled of lines but Mary thought it was funny.

Mary didn’t want to describe her sexual fantasies when she’s masturbating so we left it as a mystery and didn’t press the subject. We suspect they’re dirty. She did say she’s not into fetishes or the activities of the fetish world.

Mary enjoyed spending up-close and intimate time with Molly Evans in their pool-play session. A second Molly and Mary huge-titty romp is in the works.