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New Discovery

“I saw this as a good opportunity,” Larissa Linn said. “I saw the kind of beautiful girls you have and I thought I should do this also.” Great idea, Larissa.

A friend suggested Larissa model for SCORE<. She checked out SCORELAND and looked at some copies of SCORE and Voluptuous that he showed her.

The brainy bra-buster studied auditing and accounting in school, graduating from the National University of Ukraine in 2012. Larissa completed her post-graduate studies at the National Mining University in 2015.

TSG editor Dave Rosenbaum wrote, “There’s something about Larissa, something very girl-next-doorish, but something sexy, too. But don’t tell Larissa that she’s better than someone else. ‘I like to get compliments from men but not compliments that criticize another person or say I am better than another girl,’ she said.”