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Nikki Sexx: The Girl Who’ll Do Anything

Dirty mouth?

Nikki Sexx is for you.

Like anal sex, Nikki?

“Yes! I love it. When I’m totally relaxed and into it, it is the strongest possible orgasm I can have. I love having my ass licked and fingered as the warm up before getting a cock balls-deep in my ass, which will have my eyes rolling back in my head like I’m possessed.”


“Yes! I love group sex. I love the dirty factor of engaging with more than one person. I’m extra dirty so of course I want it to be me and two guys, but sharing a cock with a friend is a lot of fun too. Being able to make out with a girl while getting fucked is one of my fav things in life. It’s so sensual, yet so filthy at the same time.”

Spit or swallow?

“I swallow, but I also love it blasted all over my face, or right into my mouth. I don’t think I would voluntarily spit it out unless I was pushing it out onto my face for display.”