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Red Vixen: Sex Outside the Marriage Bed

The wife of a SCORE reader, Red was encouraged by her husband to pose but it took her time to finally take the step.

Red brings her special style of sex appeal to the big boob show, a mix of erotic seduction and sexual heat. Her porcelain skin, blue eyes and brilliant red hair add even more zoom to her photogenic sex appeal. Busty gingers (such as Jolie Rain and Brandy Dean) have always been difficult to find.

We applaud this trend of wives of readers sending in their at-home snaps and applying to to become members of the “Busty Housewives of SCORE“.

“People aren’t married for all those years with just a blah marriage,” said Red. “You have to have fun, spice. You have to change it up and have something different to keep it going. And the attention I get from other people is exciting for him, too.”