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Reflections of Sarah

“I’m a professional big-booby bouncer,” said Sarah Rae. “I don’t do it much when I’m walking, but sometimes when I’m sitting in a restaurant I do find myself doing it. It’s like second nature to me now. People stare at them…at me. I often stare at them myself. I always check myself out when I pass a mirror, and look down at them when I’m sitting down.

“A lot of guys like them and a lot of guys don’t. It was explained to me that when guys are younger, they really like them but they are more secretive about admitting it. But when they get older, they are not worried about showing it. I love my boobs and anybody who loves them.

“I wear a bra most of the time. Sometimes they can be annoying. I hate it when my boobs feel trapped. If I’m going out somewhere nice I will, but if it’s just running to the store, I don’t bother. Actually, I usually go naked at home. I do everything naked at home, even cooking.”