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Sinnful Massage

Jarrod hit the big-tit jackpot. A body rub from none other than Summer Sinn. How lucky can one bastard get? What starts off as a massage turns into a titty rub.

“Special massage,” says Summer, mounting him and gliding her huge ones up and down his back. The massage ends quickly as Jarrod prefers massaging Summer’s globes with his own hands than getting a back rub. A girl of action, Summer starts playing with his junk through his shorts.

Summer wastes no time de-pantsing Jarrod so he can stick his cock between her tits. She sucks the tip of his dick on the upstroke. A true tit-fuck expert. Observe her technique. Beautiful.

Rock hard from her boob boinking, Jarrod takes Summer’s pussy from the front, side and rear and drills her hard. At her urging, he explodes all over her massive melons. The massage may have been too quick but the fucking was 100%.