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So Spicy!

Job: Store clerk; Age: 19; Birthday: July 23; Height: 5’2″; Weight: 117 pounds; Bra Size: 34B; Panties: Pastel cheekies; Anal: It’s fun sometimes; BJs: Spit, usually; Masturbate: Of course; Lives: Cleveland, Ohio.

Ginger is a spicy little number who will leave a good taste in your mouth. We asked her if she had any fetishes. “What fetish don’t I have? I have a foot fetish, piss kink, spit fetish, bondage, roleplay, light BDSM, and I’m sure I’m going to keep finding more as I explore. I’m game for anything.

“I don’t like swallowing cum that much,” Ginger told us. “I’m a spitter to be honest. I don’t like to swallow because cum leaves a weird taste in my mouth. But, I really like taking facials. There’s something so erotic about the feeling of cum dripping down my face and onto my chest. So, even though I’m not on team swallow, I still like cum in other ways. Most guys are cool with that.

“My biggest fantasy would be to get gangbanged by a bunch of hot firefighters. I’ll take them all at once. Something about that specific uniform does it for me, and I want them to all absolutely destroy me.”