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The Hot Store Clerk

Who is that at the keyboard?

Of course, you know her. You love her, she’s Sarah Rae.

“Welcome to Sarah Rae’s Big Titty Boutique,” ever-smiling Sarah says as she welcomes you to her store. “Where everything’s a tight fit!” Sarah enjoys cosplay, and playing boutique salesgirl at XGirls was her idea.

“How can I help you,” Sarah asks. “Are you looking for a bra for your girlfriend? Do you know what size she is? Is she as big as me?” Sarah pushes her twin miracles together for emphasis.

Sarah pulls her sweater open to show you the bra she’s wearing. It’s a sheer number that shows Sarah’s wide areolae. How it supports her 34JJ-cups without ripping is a miracle of brassiere engineering.

By the time Sarah is done, you’ll buy the store’s entire inventory. This honey could sell heating pads in Saudi Arabia.