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What Maids Do When The Boss Is Not In

Haydee Rodriguez dramatizes a very real occurrence in today’s society. Maids and office cleaners with very large tits not working when their employers are away from home or the office. Instead, these bra-busters play with their huge titties and buzz their pussies with large sex toys from Doc Johnson.

Every now and then we get questions about why we feature photos of girls with hands-free dildo insertion. Answer: to show the gripping power of their pussies.

XLGirls photographers set up a hidden camera in our conference room and turned it on to catch Haydee as she transformed from a cleaner into an orgasmic slacker in only a few minutes. Surprised? Don’t be. This is happening hundreds of thousands of times a day around the world, in your community and in ours. These maids and cleaners need to be exposed. That’s why we’re revealing their naughty little secret activities. Hopefully none of them puts a laxative in the coffee machine out of revenge.