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Whip It

Juliana Simms might be the nicest fetish mistress you’d ever meet, if you were into meeting fetish mistresses. She wouldn’t whip you with that cat o’nine tails until you screamed in pain. She’d just tickle you with it until you laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe and then she’d ask you if you were okay.

Juliana had fun playing against type with her bad girl fishnet stockings and bustier and wicked whip. She doesn’t usually dress like this or walk around the house with a whip.

SCORELAND: Juliana, the clothing in your SCORELAND shoots–those are your personal clothes?

Juliana: Some of them but not all of them.

SCORELAND: Do you wear some of these outfits in public also?

Juliana: Yes, of course.

SCORELAND: Do you wear high heels around the house?

Juliana: At home? No. But I love high heels.

SCORELAND: How do other women react to your beauty and big breasts? Do they act envious?

Juliana: I often find women are envious. But that is life, no?